Dhamma School

Dhamma School is an organized effort to help our children, In their search for a right – way of living.

We understand the importance of Buddhist values to our lives. As parents, our sincere wish is that our children will find happiness in their lives and will lead a life free from suffering. As Buddhists, we trust the way to be free from Suffering is to tread on the eight – fold path toward Nibbana. To this end, the Dhamma School provides a solid foundation for children to develop a middle path for right living Rational thoughts, positive attitudes and practical view points to see the world the way it is. Dhamma school class sessions are offered free of charge. Classes will meet in two groups: Junior Masters’ Group is for children up to eight years,

And Buddhist Teens’ Group is for older children. Funding for the Dhamma School is provided by the voluntary contributions of the parents and others concerned who find this effort worth while.

Dhamma School Calendar for 201

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Certificate and Prize Giving Ceremony for Dhamma school Children